Custom software applications.

For more than a decade Chris McCormick has been building software for people & organisations.

Some recent work.

Report builder.

For Culture Counts. Web application for building snazzy reports. Frontend in ClojureScript & React.

Browser CAD app.

For Donovan Associates. Web application for converting field telemetry into 3d meshes and DXF formatted output for CAD. Frontend in JavaScript & Three.js. Backend in Django & Python.

Online game-like experience.

For Lumi Interactive. Online game-like experience multiplayer web application. Full-stack ClojureScript & React.

Environmental fauna classifier.

For Phoenix Environmental Sciences. Internal desktop application for classifying field imagery from motion cameras. Built with ClojureScript & React.

Augmented reality art game.

For pvi collective. Augmented reality mixed-media multiplayer street art game. Frontend in JavaScript, Cordova, Android, & iPhone. Django & Python backend.

Excel HTML add-in.

For Excel to HTML. An add-in to convert Excel spreadsheet cells to HTML code with formatting.

Online survey app.

For Culture Counts. Online survey web application. Helped hire and manage a remote team to scale out the SaaS product. Frontend in JavaScript & React. Backend in Django & Python.

Mathematics video game.

For Numbeat. Mathematics game for education and psychology research. Frontend in JavaScript, Cordova, Android, & iPhone. Django & Python backend.

Smartwatch media-art prototype.

For pvi collective. Multiplayer street art game prototype for smart watches. Frontend in JavaScript, Cordova, Android. Backend in Nodejs.

iPad art installation.

For Museum of Water. Art installation media browser for multiple iPads. Frontend in ClojureScript & React. Backend in Nodejs.

Generative music platform.

For RjDJ. Generative music application & platform. iPhone native & Pure Data front end. Django & Python backend.

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